27 September, 2006

AGM - Proxy Table

Ashtead Group plc held its AGM at 2.30pm on Tuesday 26th September 2006 in London .

The Board is pleased to confirm that all the resolutions placed before the meeting were accepted on a show of hands by the members without exception.

The proxy votes were as follows:

1.Report and Accounts 2006250,691,562909,161
2.Dividend declaration284,803,5500
3.Re-election of Mr Stenham280,382,1502,776,750
4.Re-election of Mr Robson283,952,090842,884
5.Re-election of Mr Miller282,318,5422,476,432
6.Re-appointment of auditors282,223,9441,076,551
7.Approval of remuneration report158,129,52985,084,234
8.Authority to allot securities273,911,58410,880,787
9.Disapplication of pre-emption rights282,824,139335,008
10.Authority to make market purchasesof ordinary shares284,654,015140,894