What we do

We create value through the short-term rental of equipment that is used for a wide variety of applications and the provision of services and solutions to a diverse customer base through a broad platform across the US, Canada and the UK. Our rental fleet ranges from small hand-held tools to the largest construction equipment.

We have a platform which enables our customers to rent what they want, when they want and where they want with ease.

  • Purchase

    We buy a broad range of equipment from leading manufacturers.
  • Rent

    We rent it on a short-term basis to a broad range of customers.
  • Sell

    We sell the old equipment in the second-hand market.

How we do it

  • Planning ahead
  • Careful balance sheet management
  • Adapting our fleet and cost position
  • Taking advantage of opportunities

Managing the cycle

  • Differentiating the fleet
    • Broad fleet mix
    • Highly responsive (no job too small)
    • Scale to meet size and range of requirement
  • Ensuring operational excellence
    • Optimal fleet age
    • Nationwide networks in US and UK and a growing one in Canada
    • Long-term partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers
    • Focused, service-driven approach
    • Strong customer relationships
    • Industry-leading application of technology
  • Investing in our people
    • Highly skilled team
    • Devolved structure
    • Maintaining significant staff continuity
    • Strong focus on recruitment, training and incentivisation
  • Maximising our return on investment
    • Effective management and monitoring of fleet investment
    • Optimisation of utilisation rates and returns
    • Flexibility in local pricing structures
    • Focus on higher-return equipment
    • Appropriate incentive plans consistent with improved returns

  • Enabling our customers to rent what they want, when they want and where they want with ease
  • Availability
    • Range of products and services
    • General tools
    • Air compressors and accessories
    • Compaction and earth moving
    • Climate control services
    • Power and HVAC
    • Pump solutions
    • Remediation and restoration
    • Flooring solutions
    • Lighting and grip
  • Reliability
    • Network
    • Logistics
    • Brick and mortar
    • Customers
    • Our people
    • Clusters
  • Ease
    • Technology to simplify
    • CommandCenter
    • Accelerate
    • MSP
    • VDOS

Value creation

Rental solutions

The provision of cost-effective rental solutions to a diverse customer base.

Long-term relationships

Developing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Enhancing communities

Enhancing the communities in which we operate, through employment, opportunity and community involvement.

Sustainable Returns

Generating sustainable returns for shareholders through the cycle.