About us

Ashtead is an international equipment rental company with national networks in the US, UK and Canada, trading under the name Sunbelt Rentals.

Our Group at a glance

Revenue (LTM)


April 2023: $9,667m



April 2023: 25,347

Rental assets


2022: 900,000+



2022: 800,000+


We rent a full range of construction and industrial equipment across a wide variety of applications to a diverse customer base.

Our equipment can be used to lift, power, generate, move, dig, compact, drill, support, scrub, pump, direct, heat and ventilate - whatever is required.

Ashtead at a glance

Vision and values

Our operational mantra of delivering Availability, Reliability and Ease is backed up by our vision, values and taking responsibility in everything we do.

Ashtead's vision and values

Business model

We create value through the short-term rental of equipment that is used for a wide variety of applications to a diverse customer base. 

Explore what we do, how we do it and how we manage the value creation cycle.

Ashtead's business model

Our history

Ashtead was founded in 1947, in the village of Ashtead, Surrey, as Ashtead Plant and Tool Hire. 

Explore some of the turning points in our history.

Ashtead's history

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