22 September, 2005

AGM - Proxy Table

Ashtead Group plc held its Annual General Meeting at 2.30pm on Tuesday 20th September 2005.

All resolutions placed before the meeting were accepted by the members without exception.

The proxy votes were as follows:

1.Report and Accounts 2005194.2mZero
2.Re-election of Mr Stenham192.7m1.3m
3.Re-election of Mr Cole193.4m775k
4.Re-election of Mr Lovegrove193.4m797k
5.Election of Mr Drabble193.4m777k
6.Re-appointment of auditors193.5m521k
7.Approval of remuneration report192.6m1.3m
8.Authority to allot securities192.1m2.0m
9Disapplication of pre-emption rights194.2m29k
10.Authority to make market purchases of ordinary shares194.2m16k
11.Directors indemnification194.1m37k