There are numerous laws governing environmental protection that affect our business and we are committed to taking reasonable actions to minimise the risk of adverse impact on the environment from our business. In addition, the equipment we rent is subject to increasing environmental regulations.

We seek to fulfil our environmental obligations through:

  • diligently tracking pertinent environmental regulations and requirements and carrying out self-audits to maintain compliance;
  • investing in the regular renewal of our rental fleets to ensure that the equipment we provide to our customers mostly incorporates the latest environmental technology available from our chosen manufacturers;
  • ensuring that our stores are adequately equipped to operate in a safe and secure way, protective of the environment. Key matters covered are: wash-down bays to collect and safely dispose of materials released when we inspect and clean equipment returned from rent; enclosed paint booths and spray shops to ensure that repainting of equipment can be conducted safely and securely; bunded fuel tanks to ensure secure fuelling of our fleet and, where relevant, vehicles;
  • ensuring proper arrangements are made, through the use of reputable vendors, for the collection and disposal of waste fuels and oils, tyres and other old or broken parts released as we service and maintain our rental fleets;
  • investing in a modern and efficient delivery truck fleet which enables us to ensure that our vehicles are purchased with regard for good emissions management and fuel efficiency;
  • ensuring, wherever practicable, that we control noise and potential disruption in and around our depots so as not to unduly impact the communities immediately surrounding them; and
  • reducing our waste to landfill by significantly increasing the amount of waste that goes to recycling.

We have supported the initiatives of the Carbon Disclosure Project in the management of carbon dioxide emissions and have reported on our carbon emissions voluntarily for a number of years now and sought to reduce these over time.  Under the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic and Directors Reports) Regulations 2013 we are now mandated to report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data.  As we are a growing business with aggressive expansion plans, our absolute GHG emissions will necessarily increase.  However, we continue to evaluate how best we can limit that increase and mitigate the impact.  Further information is provided in the annual report.

Wherever we can and where it makes economic sense, we invest in ‘greener’ equipment, sometimes also driven by customer demand. In addition to the Tier 4 engines mandated in the US, other recent purchases include dry-ice blasters, natural gas generators, solar light towers and dual fuel man lifts using propane as a fuel source.

To meet increasing demand for environmentally friendly and energy saving temporary accommodation, we have developed a range of ‘Green Specification’ accommodation units. These units incorporate a multitude of energy saving devices, including increased insulation levels, heavy duty door closers, passive infrared low energy fluorescent lighting, double glazed windows, dual flush toilets, waterless urinals and thermostatically timed heaters. These units allow construction companies and other customers to reduce site energy consumption without adversely affecting the welfare of their teams.

On big, long-term construction sites, we are prepared to place pools of our equipment at the job-site enabling equipment to be sourced on site and thereby reducing the site's overall transportation needs. Our Auto Tool Hire Units in the UK and Gear Box in the US allow the storage of smaller tools at the job-site. These on-site initiatives reduce the need for item by item delivery, thereby helping to cut distribution emissions.

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