The third of our strategic actionable components is advancing the way we use technology We are moving from being an industry-leading technology platform to being a leader among the broader industrial and service sector, further improving our customer value proposition and capturing benefits of scale across the Group We do this by:

  • leveraging our experience, culture and the data we accumulate day to day; making what we create, sustainable and scalable;  
  • building a technology-driven ecosystem; enabling eCommerce across all channels;  
  • ensuring we improve further our customer value proposition of Availability, Reliability and Ease; and  
  • migrating our common applications to a group-wide platform.  

We have a robust technology infrastructure which supports our proprietary systems with the aim of continuous improvement to enable The Perfect Rental™ With c. 60% of orders placed for delivery within 24 hours, our goal is to enable our sales force to say ‘Yes’ confidently, through the use of our proprietary cloud-based sourcing decision engine, Chronos. Our Sunbelt 3.0 technology roadmap is designed to enhance the capability of all our systems, mobile applications and tools to make them ever smarter and more flexible, such that they deliver improvements in customer service, procurement opportunities, service operations, logistics and our management of resources We are focused specifically on increasing order capture, improving time utilisation, enhanced connectivity, improving rental rates, more dynamic pricing and enhancing customer service.  

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