Corporate Behaviour

Business ethics

Our commitment to the highest ethical standards means that the Group Risk Committee works to ensure these are communicated and upheld throughout the business.  We believe in the rights of individuals and take our responsibilities to all our employees seriously and those who may be affected by our activities.  During the year we updated the Group’s modern slavery and human trafficking policy, business ethics and conduct policy and ethical sourcing policy, all of which are available on the Group’s website. These policies form part of our way of doing business and are embedded in our operations.  They are also communicated directly to employees through dedicated communication and training programmes.  

Ethics training

Senior employees across the Group receive regular business ethics training to ensure they are aware of their obligations and responsibilities with regard to competing fairly, the UK Bribery Act and, in the US, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Anti-corruption and bribery policies are maintained and reviewed on a regular basis with relevant guidance incorporated into our employee handbooks and available on our intranet pages.


Our whistle-blowing arrangements allow employees, in confidence, to raise concerns about any alleged improprieties they may encounter.  This arrangement is now outsourced to a third party provider in both North America and the UK allowing both phone and web intake. 

Supply chain

As part of our ongoing business ethics work, we are reviewing the sustainability and diversity of our supply chain and will continue to prioritise this where possible.  Enquiries of suppliers are made when we enter into supplier relationships and refreshed on an ad hoc basis depending upon the level of business we undertake with any supplier.

Cyber security

As the world continues to move online, even more so because of COVID-19, at least in the short to medium term, awareness, monitoring and adaptability to cybersecurity issues is ever more crucial for us.  We are prioritising the monitoring of any potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and working to ensure business continuity under all potential scenarios.