Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors. The members of the Committee are:

Angus Cockburn - Chair
Jill Easterbrook
Lucinda Riches
Lindsley Ruth
Tanya Fratto

Angus Cockburn has relevant financial experience. He is a chartered accountant and has been chief financial officer of Serco Group plc since October 2014 and was formally chief financial officer of Aggreko plc. Eric Watkins is secretary to the Committee.  Paul Walker, Brendan Horgan and Michael Pratt generally attend meetings by invitation. In addition, the Group audit partner from our external auditor usually attends the Committee meetings.

The Audit Committee assists the Board in its oversight and monitoring of financial reporting, risk management and internal controls.

The principal responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • monitor the integrity of the annual and quarterly results, including a review of the significant financial reporting judgements contained therein;
  • establish and oversee the Company's relationship with the external auditor, including the external audit process, their audit and non-audit fees and independence and make recommendations to the Board on the appointment of the external auditor;
  • review and assess the effectiveness of the Company's internal financial controls and internal control and risk management systems;
  • oversee the nature, scope and effectiveness of the internal audit work undertaken; and
  • monitor the Company's policies and procedures for handling allegations from whistle-blowers.

The Committee reports to the Board on its activities and minutes of meetings are available to the Board.

The Audit Committee generally meets five times a year.

The Audit Committee's terms of reference are available here and will be available for inspection at the Annual General Meeting.

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